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textiles Member Directory(Projectile)


[Ahmedabad, India]
We are Manufacturer and Trader of sulzer projectile weaving machine quality spare parts and accessories.Our products are:Picking Mechanism,Projectile Feeder Drive,Projectile Feeder,Picking Lock,Projectile Lifter,Projectile Opener,Conveyor Drive,Receiving Unit,Warp Let Off Aggregate,Stauble Dobby,Color Selector.....

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[xi, China]
Our main products are as below:Please contact me for further cooperation.Judy(at)honfe.Net. 1. Projectile machine parts Guide tooth, picking shoes, projectile body, projectile grippers, picking levers, brake lining, projectile feeders, projectile returners, weft end gripper, scissor, guide rail, picking guide rail, picking link fitting for Sulzer PU, TW11, P7100, P7150, P7200, P7300 looms. 2......

Kaijo Supplier Co., Ltd.

[Taian, China]
Products: 1, Sulzer Loom Parts--Projectiles, Gripper, Projectile Body, Picking Shoe, Picking Lever, Picking Link, Brake Liner, Brake Band, Projectile Feeder, Projectile Returner, Projectile Lifter, Projectile Opener, Weft End Gripper, Scissor, Guide Rail, Fas-opener, Centering Blade, Guide Tooth, Guide Teeth Block, Selector, Sensor etc. Fitting for Sulzer PU, TW11, P7100, P7150, P7200, P7300. .....

Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd.

[Xian, China]
Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of weaving loom parts. 1. Projectile looms: Parts fitting for looms: Sulzer TW11, PUD1, PUD2, P7100: Guide teeth, picking shoes, picking levers, projectile grippers, brake lining, projectile feeders, returners, projectile guide block. 2. Rapier looms parts: Grippers, drive wheels, cutters? Fitting for looms: Somet92, Somet93, Thema11, Thema11E, C401, P.....

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[xi'an, China]
1. Projectile loom parts: Guide teeth, picking shoes, picking levers, projectile grippers, brake lining, projectile feeders, returners, projectile guide block fit for Sulzer TW11, PUD1, PUD2, P7100 looms. 2. Rapier loom parts: Grippers, drive wheels, cutters fit for Somet 92, Somet 93, Thema11, Thema 11E, C401, P401, P1001, TP500, TP600, Picnaol GTM, GTM-AS, GAMMA and so on. 3. Air-je.....

Suzhou Tiger Textile Machinery Parts Making Co.,Ltd

[Suzhou, China]
Projectile body, projectile gripper, picking shoe, picking link, projectile opener, fas opener, projectile returner, weft end gripper, sliding piece, guide tooth, brake lining and so on......

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[XiAn, China]
Manufacturers of Weaving loom parts Sulzer parts: Guide teeth, picking shoes, picking levers, projectile grippers, brake lining, projectile feeders, returners, projectile guide block. Rapier loom parts: Grippers, drive wheels, cutters. Air-jet loom parts: nozzles, solenoid valves, weft detectors&fleeler, blades, cams, cam lever......

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[Xian, China]
Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd(sales3@honfe.Com) specializes in manufacturing and exporting weaving machinery parts, especially weaving machinery parts. Youre welcome to contact us in following ways:E-mail: sales3@honfe.Com Website: www.Honfe.Com address:B1101 Oak Block No.36 South Fenghui Road, Hi-Tech Zone, Xi'an 710065 ChinaTell: +86-29-84243660 E-mail: sales3@honfe.Com Website: www.Hon.....

Prabha Import & Export

[Amritsar, India]
Suppliers & Exporter & Importer of Textile Weaving Machines : Projectile Looms, Rapier Looms, Rapier Jacquard Looms, Projectile Jacquard Looms, Airjet & Water jet Looms. Warp Knitting machines : Raschel & Raschel Jacquard, Flat & Circular Knitting. Embroidery machines : Schiffli embroidery machines, Multihead Embroidery machines. Spinning plants & Processing machines : Cotton Spinning plants,.....

sakthii enterprises



[TOW-LEU CITY, Taiwan]
PICANOL RAPIER / AIR JET LOOMS 8 sets PICANOL GAMMA-8-R rapier loom, W.W. 190CM, Y.O.C. 2000, 8 colors, Staubli 2670 Electronic Dobby (16 shafts), with SUMO motor, Electronic let off, Electronic take up, Electronic weft cutter, Electronic Leno system, Each M/C equipped with 3 weft feeders LGL SIRIO PROGRESS, 12 heddle frames, 5000 heddles & droppers, 1.5 warp beams (dia. 8.....


[Ahmedabad, India]
1. Shuttle Looms : Shuttles, Reeds, heald frames , plastic picker, synthetic spares, Nylon spares, Wire healds (twisted and inserted) 2. Projectile looms : Sulzer spares like heald frames , warp stop motion bars, projectile complete and parts according to original sulzer numbers. 3. Rapier Spares : For picanol GTM/GTM-AS/ GTX , somet SM92-93, Thema 11E , nuovo pignone TP 300-600 , FAST , vama.....

Falcon Engineers

[Ahmedabad, India]
Manufacturers of Yarn Cutters (Shears) extensively used in Textile Industry as Weft or Selvedge Cutters on Weaving Machines and as Shears or Scissors on Winding machines and Autoconers. Weaving machines : Water jet - Tsudakoma, Nissan Air jet - Tsudakoma, Picanol, Investa, Sulzer, Dornier, Jettis, Nissan, Hafish, Rapier, Tsudakoma, Picanol, Somet, Sulzer, Vamatex, Kukjee, Commico, Ishikawa/.....

Prabha Import & Export

[Amritsar, India]
Export and Import of:- Textile Weaving Machines:- Projectile looms:- Sulzer looms type TW11, PU, P7100, P7200 in working width: 73" - 153" with dobby, cam motion or jacquard . Rapier looms:- Dornier - Somet- Vamatex - Picanol - Nuovo Pignone - Sulzer Rapier (F2001, G6100, G 6200, G6300) in working width 1800 mm.- 3900 mm. In different amount of weft feeders, with and without dobby and jacquar.....


[Ahmedabad, India]
All metal Reeds are suitable for all modern hi-tech weaving machines for the entire range of fabrics and manmade fibers. Weaving machines include High Speed Shuttle Looms, Terry Towel Looms, Shuttle less Projectile Looms, Waterjet Looms, Airjet Looms, Narrow Fabrics Looms, Circular Looms, etc. We also manufacture all metal Reeds used for weaving Preparatory section for Conventional Warping Machin.....


[Bhavnagar, India]
We are the manufacturer and exporter of shuttles, reed & reed equipment, harness frames, selvedge frames, heald frames, healds and other accessories. Our products include wide range of textile reeds for Shuttleless looms, viz Airjet, Sulzer, Dornier, Somet, Picanol, Rapaier, Projectile, Ruti B, Ruti C, SACM, NP, Warping, T-section, Bolting, Wire Knitting, Circular, Pitch bound, Sulzer, Dornier & P.....

Sruthi Enterprises

[Erode, India]
Manufacturer of : Sulzer Projectile Picanol Somet, vamatex Nuova Pignone Dornier , Sulzer Rappier Muller Hirawa, Delta Pat Hanjin Kukje Airjet Omni, Tsudakoma Nissan Korean & Japanese Looms, Sulzer Toyta Gunne. Our Products Include Weaving Machineries, Accessories and Electronic control machineries for the up gradation of Power Loom Sector. Sruthi Enterprises is one of the leading importers .....


[Erode, India]
Exporters and Traders of Weaving Loom Spare Parts, Projectile Looms, Rapier Looms : Piconal Looms, Somet Looms, Vamatex Looms......

VJ Exports

[Karur, India]
Manufacturers & exporters of ? Shuttleless looms ? Projectile, Rapier, Airjet ? Powerlooms ? Handlooms ? Cabinet dyeing ? Jigger dyeing ? Cheese dyeing ? Manual dyeing PRODUCT RANGE : ? Placemat ? Runner ? Gloves, Apron, Pot holder, Bread basket ? KITCHEN NEEDS :Kitchen towel, Napkin, Terry towel ? LIVING NEEDS & BED NEEDS :Cushion cover, Quilt, Duvet cover, Bed sheets .....

Textiles Members Directory(Projectile)

Aa.Zibo Ermao Textile Co.Ltd

[Zibo, China]
Our company is Zibo Ermao Textile Co. Ltd, lying in the east of Shandong province China. It is a large worsted textile enterprise, it has the ability of spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing. Our main products are worsted wool/polyestervalitin , gaberdine , serge, satin serge , hopsack , whipcord doeskin etc. Meanwhile we provide worsted wool/polyester yarn. And I want to introduce our com.....


Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Machinery Spares like Pneumatic Spares, Electrical and Electronic Spares, Textile Spares, Autoconer Spares, Schlafhorst Autoconer Spares, Trumac Blow Room Machinery Spares etc. Our Products are :- - Pneumatic :- Air Preparation Units Air Cylinders Spool Valves One Touch Fittings Airline Valves Pneumatic Cylinders Miniature Cylinders Solenoid Valves .....

star reed industries

[coimbatore, India]
All metal Imported , Indigenous Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Reeds suitable for all type shuttleless namely, 1.Sulzer projectile 2.Rapier- Picanol, Somet, Vamatex, Panter, saurer , All type of Chinese Rapier And Laxmi. 3. Investa - Airjet. Shuttle looms namely, 1. Ruti 'C', 'B' 2. All type of powerloom. .....

Zhejiang Tiansheng Machinery Co., Ltd

[Shengzhou, China]
We are manufacturing in large now: 1. PCB, Control power box and other spare parts for Weft Feeder. 2. Weft feeder model TS-612 (A, B, C, F) is suitable for rapier looms, projectile looms. 3. Weft feeder (FDP) model is applied for jet loom machines for feeding weft yarn. 4. Weft feeder and measurer for air jet and water jet looms TS-611 which is is equivalent to IRO Roj Super Elf. .....


[Oliveira do Douro - VNG, Portugal]
SULZER, TW11, PU, P7100, DORNIER, GTN, HTV, VAMATEX, looms, projectile looms, gripper looms, rapier looms, air jet looms, spinning machinery, finishing machinery, dyeing machines, dryers, stenters, compactors, raising, shearing, emerizing.....

Raj Textile Corporation

[ahmedabad, India]
Spares for Lakshmi Rieter, Trumac Blow room and carding machine, Autoconer, Sulzer Projectile looms, Picanol, tsudakoma airjet and rapier looms, Toyota airjet looms, .....


[MUMBAI, India]
Textile Accessories such as all Metal and Dura flex Reeds, Drop wires , Electronics, Mechanical, Metal, Plastic & Rubber Parts for weaving Machines, such as- projectile, Rapier. .....

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[Xian, China]
Weaving loom parts, weaving machine parts, weaving machinery parts, projectile loom parts, rapier loom parts, air-jet loom parts, Sulzer PUD1, PUD2, TW11, P7100, P7150, P7200 loom parts, Picanol PAT, Omnil/Delta, Omniplus, Vamatex loom parts, Somet loom parts, Nuov Pighone Series, JAKOB Muller, Panter, Dornier, S350, Nissan, Tsudakoma, Smit, Toyato, Dornier.....

A.A.Textiles Machinery

[karachi, Pakistan]
Dear Sir / Madam, We are looking to buy some used textile machinery for our factory which details are as follows. Brand: Sulzer Projectile Looms, Model: TW11, PU or P7100 Working Width 85”, 110" or 130”, Single Color Cam or 4 Color Dobby Tsudakoma Water Jet Looms Single Nozzle working Width: 150cm, 170cm & 180cm With Cam. Murata Two For One Twister Model: 310A , 309 & 36.....

Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd

[Xi`an, China]
Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd could help you to supply the weaving machine parts with quality guarantee as follows; Projectile loom parts:Sulzer Part, PUD1, PUD2, TW11, P7100, P7150/P7200. Rapier Loom Parts:Picanol GTM, GTM-A, GTM-AS, GTX, GAMMA, PGW Sulzer G6100, G6200, G6300, Sulzer F2001 Vamatex C401, P401, P1001, Leonardo, SP 251 Somet Master SM92/93, Thema , Thema 11E, Thema 11E Excel, ST.....


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